SAP BusinessObjects Healthcare

Lowering the Pressure on Healthcare Organizations

Your industry faces many challenges: improving patient care, controlling costs, and meeting government regulations. SAP BusinessObjects for Healthcare can help you meet challenges by streamlining and integrating your healthcare processes – administrative and patient-centric – on an open, growth-capable platform. Installed in more than 800 organizations, the SAP portfolio allows you to reduce costs and increase the amount of time spent on patient care.

Managing Costs Without Sacrificing Patient Care

Today, healthcare providers are challenged to deliver sound financial and clinical outcomes in the face of escalating patient care costs and increased legal and regulatory requirements such as the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). What's more, healthcare consumers are demanding more information and better services than ever before – requiring healthcare providers to become first responders to the demand for affordable, efficient, high-quality patient care. To meet these challenges, healthcare providers can leverage performance management and business intelligence solutions from SAP BusinessObjects to provide timely access into key financial, clinical, and operational indicators and to engage key stakeholders in meaningful, efficient, and collaborative planning activities. The result? You can improve your ability to effectively manage the variables that drive financial and clinical outcome. So you can deliver consistent and predictable bottom-line results while delivering quality patient care. Learn more about SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications that support the healthcare industry:
Quality Management
Staff Productivity
Planning and Consolidation
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