BI Audit

Results Driven Intelligence

Do you know how many Business Intelligence tools your organization has? Any idea how many licenses of each? Are they all being used? Could there be waste money tied up in annual maintenance payments? The BI Audit from Impact Solutions is a comprehensive review of your BI, ETL & Database licences and the usage throughout your enterprise. You could cut $10,000's or $100,000's from your annual IT expenditure without any impact to your productivity. You are being asked to do more with less and the BI Audit will enable you to do exactly that. The BI Audit will provide you with a complete overview of your enterprise BI investments and provide actionable plans to optimize those investments.

The BI Audit from Impact Solutions will:

  • Provide a comprehensive report of all BI tools in use
  • Expose license & maintenance waste
  • Optimize current investments
  • Diagnose under utilized resources
  • Create a roadmap to BI success without further investment
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