Vision Workshops

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Once started on the journey towards enterprise wide knowledge and actionable insight you realize that Business Intelligence is a never ending process but how do you start and how do you measure success? Vision Workshops from Impact Solutions Consulting provide time tested facilitation techniques to ensure that not only are your short, mid and long term goals defined but also S.M.A.R.T. objectives are created to enable you to successfully complete each iterative stage. Success in Business Intelligence requires many often incongruent teams, roles and rules to come together and provide genuine "information democracy", that is - all information to all people and available all the time. Vision Workshops enable alignment and prioritization of all resources and the needs they should satisfy. Available in half day to 5 day workshops and customizable to the needs of your team, department or Enterprise the Impact Solutions Vision Workshops provide:
  • BI Vision facilitation
  • Alignment of necessary resources
  • Prioritization of objectives
  • As-Is, To-Be, Gap Analysis
  • Iteratively measurable execution BI Roadmap
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